Remote Password

Do you have a local script on your RaspberryPi that needs a hardcoded password?

Want the ability to disable access to the credentials remotely?

Remote Password might just be what you're looking for.


GPG Password Encryption

On your local machine, encrypt your password using your own GPG keys.


Store GPG Output

Store the GPG encrypted output on Remote Password.

The only Private Key that can decrypt this is stored on your local machine.


Fetch & Decrypt

Using the RPass scripts to fetch, decrypt, and pass the password onto your script.



Only the encrypted password is stored on the server, and only you have the key.

Access Control

Implement access controls based on Day/Date/Time, IP, User Agents, and Usage.


Get E-mail, Slack, and Discord notifications for logins, password updates, data access, and more.

Public Keys

Manage your Public Keys online, and encrypt your passwords client-side without hassle.


Log all data access, whether it was successful or not.

APIcoming soon

Use the API to manage all your data.


Mount External USB Disk

echo -n $("/path/to/rpass" "myUsbDisk") | sudo cryptsetup luksOpen "${DISK}" "${MAPNAME}"
sudo mount "/dev/mapper/${MAPNAME}" "${MOUNTPATH}"

Mount VeraCrypt Container

veracrypt --non-interactive --mount-options=timestamp --password=$(/path/to/rpass "personalContainer") --mount "$container" "$target"

Backup Emails With getmail

# getmail.conf
type = SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever
server =
mailboxes = ALL
username =
password_command = ("/path/to/rpass", "myEmailPassword")

MySQL Backup

mysqldump -u backup -p $(/path/to/rpass "MySQLBackupUser") > /var/backups/latest.sql

Try it out!

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