Getting Started


Get the scripts



Download and install GPG for Windows (the "GnuPG component only" will do just fine)

After you have installed it, it should already exist in your PATH variable so you can call it from anywhere.

Using RPass

Before proceeding you might want to add the RPass directory to your PATH.

Add your GPG public key here. This will help you in encrypting your passwords easily in your browser.

Then add a new password here. After you have added one, add it using the provided command from your control panel.

rpass --add --name "MySQL" --token YOUR-UNIQUE-TOKEN --key FINGERPRINT

After you have stored your password locally, you can call it with:

rpass "MySQL"

See more examples here.

Quick Demo

Download the demo private key from here.

Import the key using:

gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import demo.key

Add the demo password to your local storage.

Linux --add --name "RPass Demo" --token jeYgV7t7jLWue1tRLSZoBWCOaVpRvtTPIS5D0yLjjIOyKhpv9pUKlxzwtZnYthNbaf6320758f3fa59449334ee0af4d92e404a4f22af8d6a520694ac808fe464c5b -k A654B4F3

rpass.ps1 -add -name "RPass Demo" -token jeYgV7t7jLWue1tRLSZoBWCOaVpRvtTPIS5D0yLjjIOyKhpv9pUKlxzwtZnYthNbaf6320758f3fa59449334ee0af4d92e404a4f22af8d6a520694ac808fe464c5b -k A654B4F3

Fetch and decrypt the demo password.

Linux "RPass Demo"

rpass.ps1 "RPass Demo"

The output should be "RemotePassword - Demo Password"